Thank you for considering volunteering with us! Please peruse available volunteer positions listed below to see if you may be a match for our team. Most of our volunteer schedules occur Monday through Friday.

Positions in Outside In's clinic services

Laboratory Assistant (Openings now)
Assist the functioning of clinic lab by performing in-house laboratory tests ordered by healthcare providers, storing and preparing patient specimens sent for outside testing, accurately and thoroughly maintain laboratory log of tests performed, maintaining laboratory equipment and run control tests, and ensuring proper labeling, storage, and authorization of all specimens.

Syringe Exchange Assistant - Two locations: Downtown or Clackamas Service Center (Openings now)
Provide respectful, non-judgmental space to people who inject drugs, facilitate syringe exchange, and supply harm reduction (HIV/Hepatitis C prevention and safer injection) education and supplies to clients, as well as engaging clients in harm reduction and health discussions and remaining up-to-date with information about issues and interventions used in harm reduction, HIV & Hepatitis C prevention, and alcohol and drug treatment.

Tattoo Removal Assistant
Support tattoo removal program operations through assisting medical providers to administer tattoo removal treatment by clinical and administrative support, including rooming the patient and preparing them for treatment, ensuring the patients’ comfort and privacy, answering frequently asked questions about aftercare and policies, and maintaining a tidy and stocked treatment area and waiting lobby.

Information and Referrals Specialist (Openings now)
Represent Outside In and be the first point of contact for persons who come our way seeking assistance by providing agency reception at our front desk and serving as a central point of information about Outside In’s services and offer referrals to other agencies.

Patient Outreach Assistant (Openings now)
Assist Clinic Care Team Panel Managers in targeted outreach by evaluating clients who due for routine screenings and in need of follow-up appointments, contacting the selected patients to facilitate scheduling, categorizing and prioritizing patient panels, and maintaining accurate and up-to-date electronic health records.

OHP Application Assister
Assist team in ensuring healthcare access of uninsured clients eligible for Oregon Health Plan (OHP) by using government databases to submit and update OHP applications, updating agency tracking sheet of application statuses, notifying clients of application status and upcoming renewal date, and remaining up-to-date on OHP information and processes.

Acupuncture Clinic Assistant (Openings Now)
Provide operational support to Outside In’s Complementary Alternative Medicine Clinic for Acupuncture services. This volunteer opportunity works closely with Clinical Acupuncture Providers and Acupuncture Interns with Oregon College or Oriental Medicine. The volunteer will provide operational support by putting together herbal formulas under the direction of acupuncturists and provide general assistance in the clinic.

Positions in Outside In's youth services

Café Services Assistant (Openings now)
Join our culinary crew and support Outside In's talented chefs prepare healthy, hot farm-to-table meals for homeless youth. As a café volunteer, you have the unique opportunity to connect with at-risk youth, to cultivate a safe and healthy environment for them, and even learn and improve your kitchen skills. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner Sunday through Friday.

Dog Assistant (Openings now)
Support Outside In's Virginia Woof Dog Daycare operations by assisting with dog activities for the daycare, tending to the welfare of the dogs, and maintaining a clean, safe, and fun facility. Occasionally, volunteers have the opportunity to provide professional role modeling for youth in training.

Learning Lab Tutor (Openings now)
Located at our Employment & Education Resource Center downtown, volunteers provide GED, basic skills, and college homework tutoring to students enrolled in the Urban Ed Alternative School, and help implement an educational plan developed by Urban Ed teachers. Especially in need of tutors strong in math, and currently seeking a tutor for our Coding program.

Medical Professional Volunteer Opportunities

Guest Lecturer
Outside In’s clinic is looking for physicians or other medical providers to give guest lectures on their specialized area of medical expertise. The guest lecturer would be scheduled for a one-day presentation to our medical staff to help expand our knowledge and our ability to provide the best possible care to our patients. Guest lecturers are not required to fill out the formal Volunteer Application – please contact Caroline Jackson at carolinej@outsidein.org if you are interested in sharing your experience with our medical team.

Tattoo Removal Provider
Provide tattoo removal services to low-income clients, with priority given to gang, hate, drug, criminal, and domestic-violence related tattoos. Accepting those with active DO, MD, ND, or NP licenses.

Specialist Care Provider
Seeking licensed medical providers to volunteer once or twice a month within a variety of specialties to supplement ongoing Primary Care to low-income, homeless and/or uninsured patients. Our clinic is currently in need of providers with the following specialties: Orthopaedics, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Podiatry, and Physical Therapy.


  • NINA

    hali "Rarely in life are we given the opportunity to return to the places and experiences in our lives that have helped shape who we have become. Not that long ago, I was young and homeless. It was a time defined by loneliness, scarcity, and fear. Outside In helped me by providing meals, housing, counseling, and medical care. But what I also desperately needed--and received--was the opportunity to form supportive and appropriate relationships with adults who I felt genuinely cared about me. I am happy to tell you that Outside In helped me transition out of homelessness for the last time.

    Today, I am a college graduate, a successful professional, and served as a member of Outside In's Board of Directors."


    Morgan It was 1969 when Morgan knocked on our door with a 10-month-old baby in her arms. After four years of homelessness, she received shelter the first day she came to Outside In. Once she was stabilized in housing and the new mother and her baby boy were safe, she set out to get a job. A new idea at the time, Morgan recalls, "I had never seen a resource board before! There, in black and white, were jobs!" Through that board, Morgan found a job at a food co-op, and was able to utilize Outside In's medical clinic when her infant son got sick.

    After 41 years, Morgan's time at Outside In has stuck with her: "I have always listened to a person, I mean really listened, as the people at Outside In listened to me. Your staff taught me to empower myself. I like teaching that to others too."


    gregor Gregor was born in Colombia and adopted by an American family. But when he came out of the closet at age 17, his family disowned him, forcing him out, because they considered his gayness a form of mental illness. He had nowhere to turn until he discovered Outside In. With positive support from staff members and volunteers and a place to live, he studied every week for his GED. Gregor pursued his dreams and was accepted to every college he applied to - New York University, Julliard, and the City University of New York. He got a job at Nordstrom once he finished his GED and then moved to New York City to attend college.


    tineke In 1988, Tineke was living under the Burnside Bridge. She needed to see a doctor, but was scared to go, afraid that she would be treated badly. When she arrived at the clinic, she recalls, "We were surprised to find people who simply wanted to help us stay healthier." Though the interaction was brief (a doctor cleaned her cut, she then she received antibiotics and a bandage), she says the impact was great. "I think a seed was planted that if I did want to change the way I was living, there were kind people in the world that could help make that happen. This was a revolutionary concept to consider. I will never forget the lesson."

    Today, Tineke is in medical school at the National College of Natural Medicine and she volunteers several times a week at Outside In, providing medical care to patients.


    Not so long ago I was homeless, alone, and suffering from depression. I couldn’t find a job and I didn’t know what to do. As you can imagine, it is difficult to work through mental health challenges when you can only focus on where you are going to sleep that night. I didn’t have any options or resources -- but Outside In helped me learn that I did. They provided me with housing and a safe place to live. They helped me get insurance and the best medical care I could ask for. It was transformational for me to learn how to write a resume, complete a job application, interview, and land a job. With those skills, I completed job training at Outside In’s Virginia Woof Dog Daycare.

    I became a certified dog trainer at Virginia Woof, teaching staff and youth how to work with dogs. I loved coming to work every day and teaching. You can modify one small thing and change happens. It was amazing to see someone on their first day, when they are nervous, and on their last day, when they have gained confidence and learned how to accept and integrate feedback.


    emily When most teenagers are going on first dates and doing homework, Emily was battling clinical depression. She even attempted suicide. Then, she was kicked out of her house. Bouncing between friends and other family members didn't last long and Emily ended up on the streets. Luckily, Emily found Outside In. While living in transitional housing, she got a job and became a college student, working toward a degree in political science.

    Today, Emily is an advocate for kids in her former situation. She used to call herself a "street kid," but she says at Outside In, they didn't think of her as a street kid, but rather as a "youth who lacked positive support and role models, in desperate need of being pointed in the right direction and given opportunities."


    hali Hali became homeless at 16. On the streets from 1991-1994, she was struggling with drug addiction and turned to survival sex. This negative pathway ended when she came in contact with Outside In. She was given an apartment, psychological and drug counseling, and was helped to get a job at Street Roots. For the first time in several years, Hali could see a doctor. She writes, "Outside In showed me the care that I wasn't able to get from my mom or my family. If it weren't for Outside In, I would probably be doing the same thing I had always done-selling myself for money, being used by men... Because of them, I got my self-esteem back."

    Today, Hali is clean and sober, happily married, and the proud mother of two boys. She's in the process of becoming a substance abuse counselor, owns two homes in Oklahoma where she lives now, and with her husband and sons, she restores classic American cars for fun.


    elizabeth"I went through a tough period in my life. During that time I did not make very wise decisions and I was not thinking about how any of those choices and decisions would affect me in the future. My tattoos were a reminder of that time in my life. It is hard to look at yourself in the mirror and have a constant reminder every day.

    I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Tattoo Removal Program at Outside In. To see the tattoos fade after each treatment is fabulous! Now when I look at myself I do not see that person from so long ago, I see me!"