Choose from one of these three options

Remote Desktop - Windows

Remote control a specific Outside In computer from your Windows computer at home.

Remote Desktop - Mac

Remote control a specific Outside In computer from your Mac computer at home.

VPN - Windows

Connect your Windows computer at home to the Outside In virtual private network. This allows your home computer to behave as if it were plugged in at the main office.

Remote Desktop – Windows

  1. Download the file rdpgeneric.rdp
  2. After the file called “rdpGeneric” downloads, open it
  3. Enter the name of your Outside In computer (example: wzi-22 or admin-14)
  4. Click Connect
  5. If presented with a security warning, check the box for “Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer
  6. Click Connect
  7. Type in your username and the same password that you use when you normally log into your computer

Steps 3 and 4

Steps 5 and 6

Step 7

Remote Desktop – Mac

  1. Install the “Microsoft Remote Desktop 10” app from the Mac App Store
  2. During installation you will be prompted several times to allow the app permission to use the microphone and camera. Choose allow on all prompts.
  3. Contact, we will send you an RDP file pre-configured to connect to your computer.
  4. Open the RDP file you receive
  5. When prompted for credentials type in oidomain\yourusername (for example oidomain\jayh). Your password will be the same one you use when you log in normally.
  6. If presented with a security warning, choose Continue

Step 1

Step 2

Step 5

Step 6

VPN – Windows Only

The VPN allows users to connect their home computers virtually to the Outside In staff network, as if the home computer was plugged in at the Main Office. This allows for actions such as browsing of Inside or accessing EPIC from the home computer without using remote desktop.

Global VPN Client 64-bit
Global VPN Client 32-bit
Config File
Citrix Receiver
  • Download either the 64-bit or 32-bit version of Global VPN Client (Most modern computers run on 64-bit. If you are not sure which version your computer uses, you can check using the steps described on this guide).
  • Open the file and follow the prompts. You must choose to agree to the terms. Click Next to move through each window.
  • When presented with the screen that reads Welcome to the New Connection Wizard, click Cancel.
  • Download the file outside in vpn.rcf.
  • In the the Global VPN client software, go to File -> Import…
  • In the Import Connection window, click on the small box with three dots.
  • Navigate to and choose the outside in vpn.rcf file you just downloaded. It is most likely in your downloads folder. Click Open.
  • In the password field type in the password. Click OK. (Contact or 503.535.3880 to get the password)
  • Optional step: click on the Status button, then under the General tab change the Name field to Outside In VPN.
  • Click Enable to connect to the VPN. If successful, it should give a green checkmark.
Once connected, one can browse Inside by opening Windows File Explorer, then typing in \\inside in the address bar. Please note the backslashes before inside – forward slashes // will not work. The computer will ask for your work credentials. Enter your email address and the same password you use to log into your work computer.


Citrix Receiver is required for using EPIC. Download Citrix Receiver. Follow the installation prompts. If presented with a window to Add Account, click Close.

Now, you can browse to and login as you normally would.