LGBTQIA+ Services

Connect, Feel Seen and Heard, and Access Resources

We welcome and encourage all from our LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Inclusivity) community to connect, feel seen and heard, and access resources at Outside In to meet your goals.

Who is eligible

All from our LGBTQIA+ community


Outside In
1132 SW 13th Ave,
Portland, OR 97205





Services We Provide

Primary Medical Care

  • Gender affirming hormones
  • Surgical and other medical referrals

Community Resources

  • Information and Referrals for food, clothing, housing, and other resources


Housing Resources

For information about eligibility and screening for the Multnomah County Homeless Youth Continuum to access QueerZone and On-site Housing:
Call: 503.432.3986
Visit: 1132 SW 13th Ave., Portland, OR, 97205

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Success Stories


Through these connections I was able to get into school and graduate as a Certified Medical Assistant


Outside In made me want to be around excellence. Outside In shaped me. It taught me how to be kind to people less fortunate.


When I came out as trans and reached out to the community for help, everyone had something good to say about Outside In.


If you met me today, you might never imagine I spent countless nights sleeping under the Burnside Bridge.


As a patient at Outside In, the dignity, compassion, and respect that I was shown by staff truly had a lasting impact on me and directly resulted in me wanting to get involved in helping my community.


Through Outside In’s guidance and support, I was in my own apartment completely self-sufficient within a week.