We all need a little support sometimes…

Dear Friend,

I believe everyone can be successful if they’re given a chance. When addiction is involved that can mean the support to just stay alive long enough to do something differently.

Jaden, a human with long dark hair is smiling at the camera

I started experimenting with alcohol and drugs young. I had anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder, but I felt normal when I would use. It was my escape. By 15, I’d started using heroin and was kicked out of school. Things continued to get worse for me.

At 16, I was arrested for shooting up in a mall bathroom. My family was relieved: they hadn’t known if I was dead or alive. Looking back, I’m amazed I’m still here. Without the help of people like you, I might not have survived.

I heard about Outside In’s needle exchange, and I connected with the agency. I got into an apartment in the housing program. Every step of the way, I didn’t feel judged or pressured to get sober, a decision the staff understand you have to make for yourself. I felt seen and accepted. The independence gave me the opportunity to consider how the path I was on wasn’t working for me. It’s what I needed.

I got healthier. I found a doctor I really liked in their clinic and loved the homemade vegan meals they serve in their cafe. Outside In is like a big family. The staff helped me get jobs and apply for financial aid.  They wrote letters of recommendation. They helped me pay for books and get a laptop. With them in my corner I enrolled at PCC, and I’ve gotten straight A’s since I started!

I’m committed to recovery.  I’m working to understand my trauma and I’m taking drug and alcohol classes. It’s all just been going so well. I have a two-year-old daughter, Nova — she’s wonderful! I’m creating a life that I hope will inspire her. My goal is to be a Qualified Mental Health Associate. I’ve had some great counselors guide me and I want to help other people the way I’ve been helped.

I’m grateful to you for making all of this possible. We all need a little support sometimes. When you give to Outside In, you help people like me know we are not alone. Thank you for giving others the chance to be successful.

Sincerely Yours,