These COVID-19 PSAs are the BEST!!!

We love these COVID-19 PSAs created by our friends at Outside the Frame!

When we received funding to create COVID-19 outreach materials for our community, we knew just the partners to call to help us make fun and engaging videos! And we love how they turned out! Check out these three COVID-19 PSA videos developed and produced by Outside the Frame (and we’d love it if you shared them with your community too!)

Video Transcriptions

Thinking of Partying During COVID? (Quieres reunirte durante COVID?)

There is no speaking during this PSA.

Text on Screen:
Thinking of Partying During COVID?
Quieres reunirte durante COVID?

Video Description:
The video shows three people standing close together at a party. A red X comes on the screen when they are seen standing close, and sharing food. When one of the party goers starts coughing, another red X comes on the screen.

Text on Screen:
Try going outside and remember to social distance.
Reúnanse afuera y mantengan su distancia!

Video Description:
The video then shows the same three people partying outside, with physical distance between them.

Text on Screen:
Outside In
(503) 535-3860

Director: Maria Moreno
Editor: Enrique Hidalgo
Music: Cairo Braga – Sussurram Meu Nome


Quarantine Facetime Don’t Be Afraid to Get Tested

Text on Screen:
Kaina Martinez Calling… (Facetime screen)


Kaina: Hey girl I’m just about to do a show. Jessi! You look terrible. Estas bien?

Jessica: No Girl I think I’m sick.

Kaina: You’ve gotta go get tested. You don’t want to get the Rona and give it to your abuelita (grandmother).

Jessica: No te preocupas (don’t worry). She’s been giving me all those good home remedies.

Kaina: Yeah I can smell the Vapor Rub from here. You’ve gotta go get checked out. Clearly those home remedies are not working out.

Jessica: You know I can’t go to the doctor. Con qual seguro? (with what insurance?)

Kaina: You should go to the clinic at Outside In. Yo no tengo seguro tampoco y ellos me ayudaron cuando yo estaba enferma (I don’t have insurance either and they helped me when I was sick). They even helped me sign up for health insurance and for food stamps. Check them out.

Jessica: That’s so complicated.

Kaina: Girl now you’re being lazy. Please check them out. You’re going to feel much better when you do.

Jessica: Okay, okay. I’ll go.

Text on Screen:
Outside In
(503) 535-3860

Director: Maria Moreno
Editor: Enrique Hidalgo
Music: Bensound – All That


Mascarillas Salvan Vidas (Masks Save Lives)

Edna Vazquez (speaking): I would like to invite everybody in the community to wear your masks wherever you go.

Y bueno, esto no es un juego. La pandemia esta pasando. Entonces los invito a que se pongan sus mascarillas! (And well, this isn’t a game. The pandemic is happening. So, I invite you all to put on your masks!)

Edna singing:

Y que me traigan aqui
Mexico lindo y querido
Si muero lejos de ti.

(Have them bring me here, Mexico beautiful and beloved, if I die far from you)

Thank you.

Don’t forget to wear your masks.

Text on Screen:
Outside In
Outside the Frame

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