Later this year, Outside In will open Outside In East, our new Health and Wellness Clinic in the Rosewood Neighborhood. The clinic will be located on the corner of SE 162nd and E Burnside. While many people know of our downtown facilities and services, not everyone knows that we have also been a part of the East Multnomah County community for over a decade. As housing prices have skyrocketed in downtown and north Portland, many of our most vulnerable neighbors have moved to the less expensive neighborhoods in east Portland and Gresham, where health care and social service resources are extremely limited, if they exist at all. Rosewood is one of those neighborhoods.

Rosewood is a beautiful community and one of the most diverse places in the state. It is home to people from all over the world: people who are strong, resilient, talented, inspiring, and full of dreams and potential. We also know that Rosewood residents are struggling. Due to historic lack of investment in this community, residents have not had the resources to reach their potential. The community has been identified as a health care provider shortage area. Nearly half of the adult population have not visited a doctor in the past year and many people have no health insurance.

This is why Outside In is opening a health clinic in Rosewood. Our vision is to be a humble neighborhood partner adding to the on-going efforts to build the best community for its people. Outside In East will provide high quality health care at the doorsteps of people who need us. Residents will be able to walk a block or two to get care. We will help them get insured. And we will provide compassionate, judgment-free, and high quality health care.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to expand our services to the Rosewood community. Our staff cares deeply about every human being we meet. We embrace the idea that every person matters, that health care is a human right, and that everyone deserves to lead their lives with dignity and respect.” ~Patricia Patron, Executive Director, Outside In

Outside In’s new 6,200 square foot clinic will feature six clinic exam rooms, six counseling/case management rooms, a large community conference room, and a covered courtyard for patients and neighbors to gather. We will provide integrated mental and medical health care, including Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). We will serve the community at large, including women, children, seniors, and families experiencing homelessness. We will provide care regardless of ability to pay, insurance status, spoken language, legal status, and sexual and gender identification.

Outside In East will be more than just another health clinic. Opening the doors of a building, and building enough trust in the community for people to walk through those doors are two very different things. For people who experience marginalization because of their race, language, sexual orientation, gender identification, and for those experiencing homelessness – going to the doctor can be a traumatic experience. These populations report being disrespected, judged, and stigmatized in traditional health care settings. They do not feel safe there. 

Outside In’s approach to health and wellness is different. We know good medical care starts with patient relationships built on trust. We welcome and serve people who have fallen through every other safety net. We provide medical treatment when mainstream health care has not worked.

Our long-term vision for Rosewood is to build a healthy, vibrant community, and we see Outside In as an important partner and anchor for the well-being of our neighbors.” ~Jenny Glass, Executive Director, The Rosewood Initiative

We’ve heard our patients say that visiting Outside In was the first time they felt safe in a health care setting. We want to bring our unique approach to health to our neighbors in Rosewood.

Our approach to care is driven not by what’s popular, but by patient needs. We listen to our patients and work fearlessly to create a continuum of care and an environment where everyone belongs. We strive to validate the humanity of every single person who walks through our doors. We aim to create a community where all are treated with dignity and respect.

We see Rosewood as a thriving, diverse, multilingual community that has not been left forgotten on the outskirts of Portland, but is instead a vibrant community in its own right. And we are excited to soon have a permanent presence in the neighborhood!

How You Can Help

Consider a gift to support the health and wellness of the Rosewood Community. 

Your contribution will touch the lives of thousands of people and turn our vision of high quality health care for all into a reality.

It is because of our community – people like you – that we can ensure that all of our neighbors have access to judgment-free health care and are treated with compassion, dignity, and respect.