With funding from the FCC, Outside In will increase access to critical health care for people experiencing houselessness and poverty 

This May, Outside In was awarded $297,000 grant from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as part of the most recent CARES Act package. These funds will enable us to expand access to health care for houseless and low-income patients through telemedicine.  Bproviding technology tools (wifi, smart phones, tablets, medical devices) directly to patients, they can more easily speak with providers and get their medical and mental health care needs met.   

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that we find new ways to connect with our patients to ensure that the communities we serve continue to receive medical and mental health treatment. The FCC grant will allow us to reach people who might not have otherwise have the ability to connect with a medical provider. 

Nikki Alcala

Clinic Operations Director

“Outside In is honored to offer vital health care services to some of Portland’s most underserved communities, including the LGBTQIA+ community, BIPOC, youth, and those experiencing houselessness and poverty. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced health care providers to rapidly adopt technology to connect with patients. While this was an easy and welcomed switch for some, the new technology was not accessible for others, including many of the patients that Outside In serves. We cannot assume all patients have the means and access to technology, including wifi and smartphones. The FCC grant to Outside In will allow our team to empower patients to connect virtually with their health care providers so that they can continue to receive the medical care that they deserve.”

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