Outside In is Proud to Support Measure 110 More Treatment. A Better Oregon.

Outside In is proud to support Measure 110: More Treatment. A Better Oregon.  

We have a substance use disorder crisis in Oregon.  

Measure 110 is designed to change the system and save lives by expanding access to drug treatment and recovery services across the state.  

If passed, this ballot measure would not make drugs legal. Instead, it would remove criminal penalties for small amounts of personal possession of drugs and connect people with drug treatment and recovery services.  

Measure 110 would expand addiction treatment and recovery services throughout the state.

Specifically it will:

  • Greatly increase funding for treatment in Oregon, providing access to treatment and recovery services in every part of the state, for anyone who wants it.
  • Fund these services from existing state taxes on legal marijuana, and savings from reduced criminal justice costs
  • Change the way we deal with drug addiction in Oregon. Instead of being arrested and jailed for possessing small amounts of drugs, people would receive a civil infraction and be directed to a health assessment, where connections to services for drug treatment, recovery support and supportive housing would be offered to those who want them
  • End criminal penalties for small-scale personal possession of drugs currently classified as a misdemeanor

What can you do?

Show your support! Visit Measure 110’s supporters page and pledge your support of this ballot initiative.

Volunteer! The campaign is looking for volunteers to help with community outreach as we get closer and closer to election day.

Donate. Even $5 can make a difference to the campaign.

And of course, VOTE! Ballots must be received by 8:00pm on Tuesday, November 3rd. Check to make sure you’re registered here. Locations of ballot drop off sites in Multnomah County can be found here. Not in Multnomah County? No worries. This statewide ballot drop off locator will be updated 20 days before the election.

Hear from Haven Wheelock, Measure 110 Chief Petitioner and Outside In’s Drug Users Health Services Program Coordinator about the importance of this ballot initiative.

“We know that people who are dealing with substance use disorders are stigmatizedmarginalized and pushed into the shadowsThis is a chance for us to really see people who are living with substance use disorders as people.